Microsoft Releases New BING Travel Planner For Outlook

Microsoft just released a new tool for Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010 that integrates their email clients with Bing to help plan your travel more efficiently.  The Bing Travel Planner is currently in beta, but you can still download it and give it a try.

Editors Note: The Bing Travel Add on for Microsoft Outlook has been discontinued. With this in mind, the link to the add on has been removed from the article.

You can pick it up from the Official Microsoft site at <Link Removed>.  Just Click the Download button and then run the setup file.

bing travel planner download link

Once you finish installing, the Add-in will show up in Outlook under the Add-ins ribbon.

new bing travel add-in for outlook 2007 or 2010

The Bing Travel Planner will open up in its separate window.  Unfortunately, as of now, the beta is looking pretty sad.

The Bad

  • It’s just a crummy browser that opens up the Bing website. Seriously??  I could do it better and faster with Chrome or Firefox.
  • It’s not resizable.
  • It’s slow, has tons of glitches, and might crash on you during the middle of trip planning.
  • The ‘beta” should be called “alpha.”  This tool is nowhere near public ready if you ask me.

The Good

  • You can open Bing travel from within Outlook.
  • It updates automatically, so hopefully, when a decent version is released you won’t have to worry about manual patches to reinstall it.
  • It has a cool timeline feature at the top of the window.

a preview of the new bing travel planner for outlook

Overall I don’t think it’s worth the download quite yet but I’ll be keeping an eye on this new feature as Microsoft updates it. With that said you can expect to see something here on groovyPost the day it becomes groovy enough to be mentioned again.

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