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Microsoft releases My Phone for backup of your Windows Mobile device

With the release of Windows Mobile 6.5, Microsoft announced that their new FREE phone back-up/sync service called “My Phone” has graduated out of Beta!  With all the features Microsoft packed into My Phone, the software package/service is MUCH MORE than just a Backup or Sync utility.  Once installed, Windows Mobile 6+ phones can easily backup their contacts, photos, calendar events, and other data directly to a secure Microsoft site.


According to the MyPhone Website, once you sync your data to the site you can easily manage, access, and transfer data to and from your phone (or any other Windows Mobile 6+ phones) through the Microsoft My Phone Website using easy to use menus and search functions.  With Social Media sites being the big thing right now, this service also allows you to send your files and photos directly to sites like Facebook and Flickr.  Sounds a lot like Live Mesh if you ask me.  ;)


Here’s a short list of just some of the things you can do with the free My Phone software/service.

  • Backup your phone’s content automatically up to 200 Megabytes
  • Send photos to your PC and favorite social networking sites
  • Find your lost phone by viewing a map of the last location your phone synced
  • Sync and Access your contacts, calendar, tasks, photos, videos, text messages, and more through the Microsoft My Phone Website


The download and service are completely free. However, Microsoft states on their website that there are some (as-yet-unmentioned) premium features that are available for purchase as well.  The details and pricing for these “Premium” features are a bit light right now.  If anyone has any more “Premium features” information, we would love to hear from you.




Microsoft My Phone Download [Microsoft My Phone]

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