Google Releases SketchUp 7.1 [groovyDownload]

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Today Google Announced on it’s SketchUp Blog the release of Google SketchUp 7.1.  For those of you not familiar with Google SketchUp, it’s Google free 3D Modeling software anyone can use to build 3D models of anything and then upload them into Google Earth.  Very GROOVY indeed.


Google SketchUp Download Link


The 7.1 release includes several updates/features including:


  • Larger Model Handling – SketchUp rendering engine overhaul making it easier to work with big models
  • Better File Exchange – Improved standards based 3D file support
  • Modeling in Context
    • Get Photo Texture – Pull imagery for Building Texture from Google Maps and Street View (Very groovy!)
    • Nearby Models – Search the Google 3D Warehouse for nearby buildings
    • Upload Component – Shortcut for uploading parts of your 3D Model
  • SketchUp Pro Upgrades – (Not free) Upgrades to making professional design documents for improved communication.




The blog posts also mentions that a new site has been created for users to make SketchUp product requests/ideas and feedback which should be helpful for SketchUp Pro users.


How many groovyReaders do we have out there using SketchUp?



SketchUp 7.1 is here [via ]

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