GMail Notifier Alerts You As New Email Arrives

Despite the new craze of text messages, Twitter, and other social media services, email is still a staple most of us rely on to communicate with friends, family, and customers.  If you use Gmail for your email, you will be happy to know that a FREE tool exists which will notify you when a new message is received!  Once installed, the days of checking your Gmail account every few hours for new emails are over!

The Free tool is called Gmail Notifier, and the installation is simple and straightforward.

Gmail Notifier Alerts As New Emails Arrive at your Gmail Account

1.   Open your web browser and Type into the address bar.  Once the page loads, Click the Download Now link.

GMail Notifier Install

2. Next, you’ll need to Run or Double-Click the file you just downloaded to start the Setup Wizard

GMail Notifier Install

3.   Once installed, a window will appear to select your language. Select your language of choice.

GMail Notifier Language Menu 

4.    On the next page, fill in your Gmail login information.  You’ll also need to be sure that you have IMAP enabled from within GMAIL otherwise, the application won’t work properly.

If you require help setting up IMAP, please read the first section of this article.

GMail Notifier Login Menu

5.    At this point you’re pretty much done, Click the Account to look at more of the functionality of this handy application.

GMail Notifier Menu Listing Email Accounts 

When you Click on the desired Account, it will take you to view your new email.  From here, you can select e-mails using the check boxes and either delete or mark them as read.

GMail Notifier Options Menu

If you click on an individual e-mail, you can read the entire message. With the current version, you can’t reply to email.

GMail Notifier

In your system tray, you’ll find the Gmail icon used by Gmail Notifier.  Right-click this icon to access the menu and options. You can Add new accounts, Remove existing ones, Force a check of your Gmail account, and go into Preferences.

GMail Notifier Preferences Menu

Under preferences, you can adjust some of the individual settings, such as the method of notification of your arriving emails. You can also enable Gmail Notifier to run when Windows starts up automatically.

GMail Notifier Preferences Menu

I’ve tested the app with Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.  Previously, I used the Free Gmail notifier beta from Google.  However, that stopped working for me when I upgraded to Windows 7 (does anyone else have that problem?) Another option that notifies you when a new email arrives in your Gmail inbox is Google’s free instant messenger client, Google Talk.  In my next article, I’ll discuss how that works!

GMail Notifier Download Link

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. B Davis

    January 18, 2010 at 8:07 pm

    Does anyone know why Gmail doesn’t load all the mail to Outlook 2007, especially “conversation” emails? Gmail is not very reliable using POP or IMAP with Outlook 2007, Windows 7, don’t know if you get all your messages and have to keep checking the web to find out what is missing. Bummer! Thanks

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