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Microsoft Windows Live Movie Maker - How-To Make Home Movies Microsoft released Windows Live Movie Maker today for Windows 7 and Windows Vista.  Being a long-time fan of Windows Movie Maker for Windows XP, I’m very excited to see that Microsoft has finally taken Windows Live Movie Maker out of beta!  Best yet, like the original Movie Maker and Movie Maker 2, it’s FREEWARE.


Windows Live Movie Maker is a part of Windows Live Essentials, so just click the link below to kick off the installer – Windows Live Essentials Installer


Since Windows Live Movie Maker comes bundled with all the other Windows Live Essentials apps/services, you will need to uncheck the ones you’re not interested in:

Windows Live Essentials - Movie Maker Install


Note: During my install, Photo Gallery installed along with Movie Maker even though I didn’t select it.


Once installed the interface couldn’t be easier!  Here are a few screenshots from my install:

Microsoft Windows Live Movie Maker - How-To Make Home Movies Microsoft Windows Live Movie Maker - How-To Make Home Movies Jackson


Microsoft Windows Live Movie Maker - How-To Make Home Movies Madonna Microsoft Windows Live Movie Maker - How-To Make Home Movies DOA Kittie


Like I said, it really couldn’t be easier than this tool.  Within about 15 seconds I had my photos, video and audio added and ready to review.  Throw in the new features like:

  • AutoMovie
  • Easy Import
  • High Def, HD up to 1080P support
  • Dead Simple Video Editing Support
  • Great Sharing /(however if your uploading Family Videos to Youtube I’m scared for you)

… and I think we have a VERY nice and simple tool for grandma.


If sharing is your thing, uploading to Youtube and other services is simple either with the built-in tools, OR, from several people who created Plug-Ins for Movie Maker and Photo Gallery


I was going to do a quick Groovy Video for everyone, but after looking at the Windows Live Movie Maker site, there are SEVERAL there which do an excellent job of reviewing all the features plus a few How-To tutorials as well.  I recommend you take a look at them if your still not satisfied you want to download the product:

Microsoft Windows Live Movie Maker - How-To Make Home Movies - Live Essentials Site


Anyone out there installed this yet?  Comments?  What do you like/dislike about Microsoft’s new Free Movie Maker?


Windows Live Movie Maker –



  1. Chris

    Movie Maker seems pretty good… It is REALLY basic though. Microsoft has really gone simple on this. You can put together a home video in no time, but you’ll very quickly see limitations if you want to do much more that cut some video and put a piece of music underneath it. I’m not sure… maybe Microsoft finally making something simple is to be vigorously applauded! Maybe too simple?

    • MrGroove

      Hi Chris. Good thoughts. I agree, Simple is a good word for it. I tried to highlight that in my article. If your looking for a FULL featured product – there are several to choose from however from the consumer Market I think Microsoft is target with this release, I think they hit a home run.

      Is it a serious competitor to the MAC counterpart… No not really…. Is it good enough for 90% of those Mom and Dad’s out there who just want to get stuff off their camcorder or digital camera and dump it up on th net? Yeah I think so.

  2. LarryE

    I for one think they really did hit a home run with this version of Windows Live Movie Maker. In 3 clicks I created a movie and with a 4th click I uploaded it to YouTube. Can’t get much easier than that. I applaud Microsoft for a great piece of software.

    • MrGroove

      Hi Larry and welcome to groovypost! Yeah, it just works. I think that’s what most people are looking for. Something dead simple and easy to post videos and photo gallery’s to YouTube with.

  3. Animis

    I’ve always used Windows Movie maker, and this one is the best so far. It has inspired me to look into more professional editing software though.

  4. ONE


    • MrGroove

      Post your question into our forum.

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