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Tineye Internet Browser Extension, Chrome ReleaseNot too long ago we took a look at using the service TinEye to do some groovy tricks with image reverse lookup.  For those not familiar, TinEye works like an online image detective that will track down duplicates of any image you tell it to.  If you find that you use this service often enough you might want to grab the latest extension for your browser, the Chrome one was released this weekend!


Once you’ve installed the extension, it will just add an option to the context menu that will automatically initiate a search on  If you are into photography or graphic design this can come in handy tracking down image thieves.  I personally found it useful for finding larger resolution copies of images I like.  Of course, there are a ton of other uses for TinEye… 

tineye browser extension context menu

Alright, now you know what it is.  Here are the downloads.

For Chrome

Download TinEye reverse search extension for Google Chrome

TinEye reverse search chrome extension

For Firefox

Download TinEye Reverse Image Search Add-on for Firefox

tineye firefox add-on

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1 Comment

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