Download Over 500 Free Webfonts Courtesy of Google

Are you a designer looking for some professional free web fonts? Google is offering up their 500+ repository of web fonts free of charge. Learn how to get them inside.

Looking for some custom fonts that are free and web-ready? Google has 501 different fonts available on its Web Fonts project. You download the fonts you want in a zipped archive or use them directly from the web on your own site.

The Google Web Fonts project is a huge cache of 501 different font families. Each font can be added to your own personal collection that’s linked to your Google account. From there, you can directly download fonts in your collection or get the code to use them on your site.

Google fonts directory

To download your selected fonts, use the download button, and then you’ll receive them in a compressed zip archive. At that point, all you have to do is extract them, and they are ready for use. However, if you’ll only be using Google’s fonts on the web, press the “Use” button instead.

download free google fonts

If you use Google’s web fonts on your site, a handy calculator shows you how loading the fonts will impact site performance in terms of page load time. This gauge would show that the fewer fonts you use, the better your site will perform when considering page load time.

google web fonts performance calculator

Once you’ve selected which fonts you want, you can select which type of Google-generated code you want to use. This code fetches the fonts from Google’s web fonts repository whenever a new visitor comes to your site and makes the font appear visually on your pages.

google web fonts embed code

Alternatively, you can work with Mercurial if you want to download all of the fonts at once. However, I don’t recommend doing this unless you absolutely want every single font. The files total 1.3GB in size, and it takes a long time to download. You’ll also need to install a GUI for Mercurial, such as TortoiseHG. Google has the full instructions here.

google web fonts clone

That’s all there is to it! Enjoy your new fonts courtesy of Google.



  1. Chris

    Can not see download button, could you red circle it !!!

  2. Barnabas

    You can download a Zip of all the 500+ fonts @ and or see the site @ for instructions.

    • Chris

      Fonts too large to download… Why ?

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