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Flipboard for Android: How To Reduce Mobile Data Usage

Flipboard is a great way to keep up with news and articles on the various topics. And is a good alternative to Google Reader which is shutting down. But what if you notice its data use is too high on your mobile device? Luckily, you can easily reduce Flipboard’s mobile data usage.


With Google Reader calling it quits, we’ve asked you about the feed readers you plan on switching to. While most of the answers quoted Feedly, Flipboard was also mentioned. And even if you’re not switching to it as your RSS reader and only using it to keep up with news, you might want to know how to reduce its data usage.

Reduce Flipboard Data Use

It’s pretty easy, actually. First, go to Flipboard’s Settings menu – it’s the gear icon on the bottom right side of the screen.

Flipboard reduce mobile data use settings

Now, in the Settings menu, tap Reduce Data Usage.

Flipboard reduce mobile data use reduce data usage

You’ll be able to select if mobile data is used in full, on demand (images only load when tapped), or not used at all, so that Flipboard only uses Wi-Fi to download data. If you are on a very limited data plan, select the latter.

Flipboard reduce mobile data use method

Now, if you don’t want to eat up any mobile data, but still want something to read on your commute, you can fetch articles for offline use when you’re on a Wi-Fi connection. In the same Settings menu, look for Fetch for Offline and select it. All your sources will be updated, and you’ll have things to read.

Flipboard reduce mobile data use reduce data usage fetch for offline

That’s it! Pretty simple, isn’t it?

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