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A few days ago something very odd started to happen on all my WordPress sites.  The site itself was lightning fast (as normal) however all the admin pages were taking over 30 seconds to display as shown below:

Slow WordPress Admin Pages screenshot

The first thing I did was take a look at the SQL side and discovered the WordPress’s queries were just sitting there sleeping for 30 seconds:

Slow WordPress Admin Pages - Database hung

Having made no configuration changes, I figured it had to be a Plugin gone wrong, so one at a time I began to Deactivate my WordPress Plugins.  Lucky for me, I hit it on the first try.  It turns out the @Feed version 3.81 was the culprit.

Slow WordPress Admin Page



I quickly grabbed the (4.0 at the time), and life is good.  Things are back to normal!



  1. Paul Chernish

    Great tip re admin page slowdown with plugin. My culprit was googlefonts. Removed it and back flying again. Thanks!

  2. Joseph

    Navigation between pages takes 25-60 seconds
    – On Mobile
    – Will check on Desktop.
    – Business is Extremely Slow
    – From my prospective, Customers are leaving my site.
    – Web Designer says; This is normal.
    * Please, help.

    Thank you

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