Run Windows Update and Update PC Using Firefox

Yesterday when writing about Microsoft Office I wanted to be sure I had all the latest updates.  The problem was, Firefox wouldn’t work with the Windows Update site.  Internet Explorer is just a click away, but what kind of a geek would I be if I went through all the trouble of opening up an entirely different browser just to access one site?

Lo and behold after only a few minutes of digging, I found a Firefox plug-in which allows you to update your Windows System with the Microsoft Update site through Firefox.  Thanks to this add-on, I no longer have to open Internet Explorer just to check the Microsoft Updates site.  Okay, well honestly all it is doing is loading up IE within a Firefox tab, but it still beats running two different browsers altogether.  Let’s jump right into it!

The add-on, IE Tab, can be downloaded from  Here are some quick installation instructions.

How to access Internet Explorer sites such as Microsoft Update using Firefox

1.  Open Firefox and in the address bar Type in (or just click this link)

Browse to the IE tab URL

2.  Once the web page loads, click the Add to Firefox (Windows) link to begin installation when the Software Installation prompt appears Click Install Now

Download IE Tab for Firefox

Click the Install Now button to install IE Tab

3.  Click Restart Firefox; Firefox will need to restart to complete the installation

Restat Firefox after intalling Internet Explorer Tab

All done!  But if you choose to customize further, there are still a few settings that you can adjust to make this add-on fit your needs.

For added convenience, the plug-in features of a site filter will make any site on the list automatically open in an Internet Explorer tab. Pretty groovy!  You can also manually use the right-click context menu to “Open Link in IE Tab” with any hyperlink you find within Firefox.

Find the IE tab Options

Custome your Internet Explorer sites

Open Links in an Internet Explorer Tab

As you can see, this plug-in doesn’t grant you complete freedom from IE as you can see the IE window within the Firefox tab window via the extra unneeded scrollbars. It’s more like just having two browsers in one.

IE tab isn't perfect, but it works

Hope this was helpful!  Have a groovy time surfing the web, and now you’ll only need one browser for all of your favorite sites.



  1. Ibe Me

    Thought you might like another alternative to IE/MS Windows Update. Check out :
    This is a Firefox friendly site that offers all the same updates, patches, and KB hot fixes as MS Updates, without the MS. The site does require you to install an installer (gooder engrish!), but does not require any validation or genuine authentication.

  2. Robert

    IE Tab is a great tab. But make sure your turn it of when you dont need it. It can consume a great portion of you memory. I used IE tab when Battlefield Heroes had problems using Firefox, after the big update. Its a great add on.

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