How-To Remove That Annoying YouTube Bottom Bar “Feature”

How To Remove The Youtube annoying barHave you seen the new bottom bar from YouTube recently?  Although it has some new cool features, I find it annoying.  I went about looking for a way to disable it and found there’s no “easy” way anywhere, even if you log in.  Good news is there IS a way and here’s a quick How-To which should help all you grooveReaders out there get rid of it also if you’re using Chrome or Firefox.


Remember back when Shutter Shades were all the craze?  It was popular because everyone enjoys voluntarily blocking a good portion of their vision for the sake of looking good stupid – err hold on a sec, that fad died out – sorry Kanye.  So what’s with the new YouTube bar that takes over the bottom of your internet browser and blocks the screen?

kanye west inspired the Youtube autoplay bottom bar


The new bottom bar in YouTube has a few cool features, such as AutoPlay and suggested videos, but don’t playlists already have that as well?  Regardless of any usefulness the bar might have, it takes up a good portion of your screen, and it feels completely out-of-place as it follows your vertical scrolling across YouTube video pages.  With that said, here is how to get rid of it.

youtube bottom bar is big and annoying



For Firefox

Step 1 – Download the Grease Monkey Add-on For Firefox

If you don’t have it already, visit and Add Greasemonkey to Firefox.  Just Click the Add to Firefox button on the page and Allow installation.

install greasemonkey for firefox

Step 2 – Install the userscript into Greasemonkey

Adam Rock has developed a script that will block the annoying YouTube AutoPlay bar, and it is available at  To install it, just Click the Install button.

install user script by adam rock for firefox youtube bar removal


Greasemonkey will automatically pop-up, and you’ll need to Click the Install button to confirm adding it to Greasemonkey.

install the script in greasemonkey


That’s all for Firefox!  Now you won’t have to deal with the annoying YouTube bar any longer.



For Chrome

Step 1 – Install the userscript straight into Chrome

By default, Chrome has support for scripts, so you won’t need to install an extension like Greasemonkey.  With Chrome we’ll use the same script that we picked up to disable the bar with Firefox.

install the user script for google chrome to remove the youtube bar


Immediately after you Click Install, a notification will appear at the bottom left corner of Chrome.  To confirm the installation, you must Click Continue and Install on the small pop-up that is displayed.

confirm the script installation in chrome

Now you can browse YouTube in peace whether you are using Firefox or Chrome.  Enjoy the groovy bar-less viewing experience!



  1. Alexander Keith's

    Hey Works great! Thanks a lot!

  2. blackole

    You can also disable it using the Ad-Block firefox addon.

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