How-To Remove MegaVideo And Time Restrictions With Illimitux

Illimitux LogoDo you watch a lot of online videos? If so, you are likely familiar with the online video sites MegaVideo and Veoh. What “knocks me off the groove” every time, is that MegaVideo and Veoh each have time limitations concerning how for how many minutes of video they allow you to view.

Well, it’s time to get rid of these limits with illimitux and Mozilla Firefox.



Step 1 – Add Illimitux to Firefox

Assuming you are already in Firefox; go ahead and click HERE to go to the Illimitux website. From there, you need to Click Download to begin the installation process of the add-on.

Downloading Illimitux


After clicking install, the web page will fade to black and will show a big arrow, pointing to the “Allow” button that you need to click so that Illimitux will install.

Allowing Illimitux To Install


Another pop-up window will appear, asking you whether you want to install Illimitux. Wait for the seconds limit ends (brackets next to the “Install” button) and Click “Install.”

Installing Illimitux


Step 2 – Restart Firefox

After the install finishes, you should be prompted to restart Firefox to apply the changes. To do so by Click the “Restart Firefox” button in the mini-dialog that appears after the installation.

Restarting Firefox


Step 3 – Register

Once Firefox reboots, then you will see the registration page of Illimitux’s website. To begin, Click the “Join Now” link.

Joining The Website


Next, fill out the registration form.*
Note, you need to provide a valid E-Mail address.

Becoming A Member


Step 4 – Use & Enjoy!

Now let us test it out. Find a longer video from Veoh or MegaVideo. As soon as you open the video, you should see the Illimitux notification appear in the lower right corner of the screen. Click “Remove Limitation” and wait for the page to reload. After reloading, you get presented with the full video and no viewing time restrictions.



Let’s hope that Illimitux will help you get rid of all the headaches when dealing with Veoh and MegaVideo. It could only be a temporary fix until Megavideo figures out how to block it, so keep that in mind. And if these video websites aren’t your style, you can always subscribe to Hulu’s Premium Service,Hulu Plus, or wait for the Upcoming Hulu Ad-Free Service. And of course, if your video card has the “guts” to do it, try out Quad HD Video On YouTube.

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