How to Set Up Site Search Shortcuts in Firefox

Firefox has a built-in feature to make site searching more efficient. If you’d prefer not to install extensions then this tutorial will help speed up your browsing and search experience.

Sometimes you’ll want to search a specific site from your address bar in Firefox — Chrome can handle that given the domain has Google Site Search enabled. Firefox has a similar built-in feature that allows you to create site search shortcuts. Once it’s setup, searching individuals sites from Firefox is a snap.

Visit the website you’d like to add a search shortcut for. Then right click it’s in site search bar. From the context menu select Add a Keyword for this Search.

Add a keyword for firefox search

The site search will be added as a bookmark. Here you just need to assign the keyword you want to use and then click save. Note that this keyword will be used in lieu of the site name when performing searches from the address bar.

firefox bookmarks menu

 That’s all! Now to perform a search just type your keyword followed by search terms and Firefox will bring up site specific search results.

firefox address bar search

 If you want to remove or adjust these search keywords later, just open the Bookmarks folder. From there you can modify properties, copy, organize or remove site specific search shortcuts.

firefox bookmarks menumodify bookmark propeties

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