How To Protect Firefox Passwords with a Master Password

I previously wrote an article, describing the way to see the passwords you have stored in Firefox. It’s a good idea to save them like this unless somebody else also uses the same computer. You don’t want other users snooping around your e-mail account. Here’s how to protect your passwords in Firefox.

firefox set master password

This is very easy to do. Go to Tools >> Options int he Firefox dropdown, then the Security tab. Now, check the box next to Use a Master Password.

firefox use master password

Now, you’ll be asked to type your master password twice. Think well before you confirm it, because there’s not much that can be done for your saved passwords if you forget it.
type firefox master password

Hit OK again and you’re done. Now, every time you encounter a password protected website after starting Firefox, you’ll be asked for the Master Password. Firefox will only ask once per session, though, so closing the browser after every use is a must.

If you want to change the Master Password, just follow the same steps to get to the Security tab in Tools >> Options, then click Change Master Password.

firefox change master password

Type the old password, then the new one twice and you’re done.

If you uncheck Use Master Password, you’ll get a menu asking you for the password, so that nobody else can disable it.

remove master password

If you’re using Firefox to save your website passwords, I highly recommend creating a Master Password.



  1. Sai

    So…Nice Thank you……………..

  2. voxpop

    last pass or the abine/taco addon in firefox is much simpler and less of a hastle.

  3. Josh

    This sounds great but is it really safe to allow Firefox to store passwords.

  4. voxpop

    probably safe if u use a master password

  5. Brian Burgess

    Yeah, I have talked to some security guys and they say if you have a Master password, they are as secure as anything else you could use.

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