Android Tip: Find Out Why You Can’t Install an App from Google Play

When you download apps for Android from the Google Play Store, you’ve probably seen some aren’t compatible with your device. Here’s how to find out why.

If you’re an Android user, you’ve probably been told several times that an app from the Google Play Store is incompatible with your phone or tablet. Here’s how to find out the reason why.

app incompatible

All you have to do is to click the little “+” sign next to the incompatibility notification, in Google Play Store on your computer.

You’ll get an explanation like the one below, if the app be unavailable where you are.

app incompatible country

Or like this one if, for some reason, your Android device’s software or hardware is not compatible with the app.

app incompatible device

While you still won’t be able to run it, at least you’ll know why that is. Also, keep in mind that removing old devices from the Play Store list, will help keep the interface clean.

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