How to Find Birthdays on Facebook


If you’ve ever wondered how to find everyone’s birthdays on Facebook, we’ve got your guide.

Most of us love being able to wish our family and friends a happy birthday. It’s not always easy to keep track of when they are, though. Facebook can do a petty good job notifying you of birthdays, but what if you turn those off or miss them? That’s when you’ll need to know how to find birthdays on Facebook. Let me show you.

Seeing Current, Recent, and Upcoming Birthdays on Facebook

The first thing you need to remember is that not everyone wants their birthday out there on social media. So, some of your loved ones might have hidden their birthdays to maintain better privacy or security on Facebook. If that’s the case, you’re just going to have to ask them when that special date is.

For anybody else who’s put their birthday on Facebook, here’s how you can find the details on either the desktop or mobile app.

How to Find Birthdays Using the Facebook Webpage

If you’re at your computer, finding birthdays on the Facebook website is quick and easy.

  1. From the Facebook website, click Events.
    Events icon on Facebook website
  2. Near the top of the sidebar menu, click Birthdays.
    Birthdays listing in Events on Facebook webpage
  3. You’ll see a list of today’s birthdays, as well as recent and upcoming ones. You can easily write on your friends’ timelines to wish them well.
    Birthdays on Facebook webpage

Viewing Your Facebook Friends’ Birthdays on the App

From the Facebook app on your mobile device, things are a bit different. You’ll have to search for the list of birthdays, as it doesn’t show up on the Events page.

  1. From the Facebook app, tap the magnifying glass to search.
    Facebook app timeline page
  2. In the search box, type birthdays.
    Search Facebook in app
  3. You’ll see a Birthdays option with a cake icon. Tap that to see your list of birthdays.
    Search for birthdays
  4. Again, you can write on your friends’ timelines to wish them happy birthday. Maybe even send them a couple of birthday cake emojis!
    List of current and recent birthdays in Facebook app

If Your Birthday Isn’t Showing for Your Friends

So, now that you know how to find birthdays on Facebook, maybe you’re troubled by the fact that your special day isn’t showing up. Chances are, you hid your birthday or set the audience for it so that others can’t see it.

Let’s quickly walk through how to change the audience for your birthday on Facebook.

How to Set Your Audience for Your Birthday on the Facebook Webpage

If you want to change your birthday visibility on the Facebook webpage, just follow these steps.

  1. From the Facebook webpage, click your profile picture.
    Profile picture on FB website
  2. Next, click Edit profile.
    Edit profile on FB website
  3. Scroll down and click Edit your About info.
    Edit About Info on FB website
  4. Click Contact and basic info.
    Contact and basic info option
  5. Next to your birthday date and year, you can set the audience who can see each one.
    Basic info page

Setting Your Birthday Visibility in the Facebook App

The same process is a bit easier in the Facebook app on your mobile device.

  1. Once you open the Facebook app, tap your profile picture.
    Facebook app main timeline
  2. Next, tap Edit profile.
    Facebook app edit profile
  3. Scroll down and tap Edit your About info.
    Edit your About info in FB app
  4. In the Basic info section, tap Edit.
    Basic info section in FB app
  5. When you locate the Birthday section, tap the dropdown menus to set the audience for your birthday and birth year.
    Set audience for birthday in FB app
  6. You can choose between Public, Friends of friends, Friends, or Only me.
    Audience options in FB app
  7. Once you’ve got the visibility how you want it, tap Save in the top right corner.
    Save changes in FB app

Celebrate Your and Your Loved Ones’ Birthdays

So, there you have it. Now you know how to view birthdays on Facebook, as well as how to change who can see yours. Now, who wants to join in my birthday celebrations when the day rolls around?

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