Facebook’s New “Not Now” Friend Feature

new facebook friend request methodFacebook just rolled out a new friend request “feature” that is replacing the good ole’ Ignore button.  The new button is called Not Now, and it is completely redefining the way you reject people.

Previously, when you were sent a friend request by someone you had two options; confirm or ignore.  Now, instead of the ignore button you will see the “Not Now” button.  Pressing this button will send the would-be-friend into friend purgatory, the place where they are only half your friend.  We’ll call people in this category “Half-Friends.”

facebook now not friend request

Why are they called a Facebook “Half-Friend?”

As mentioned above, these are the people in limbo mode.  You’ve said “Not Now” to their friend request, but you haven’t actually taken the extra step to go in and block them yet.  Well here is the stickler; after someone has requested to be your friend they will automatically be subscribed to all of your public feeds, posts, pictures, and information.  Unless you have actually taken the trouble to navigate the maze of privacy options of Facebook and set everything to “Friends Only” you will be stuck with this would-be, limbo, “Not Now” list of people following you around and absorbing a decent amount of your Facebook activity.

facebook hidden friend request

Basically, now if you don’t want to friend someone they will become your “follower.”  StumbleUpon uses the follow system to spread reviews and internet favorites, but on Facebook where your private information and messages are transmitted, “follower” becomes a lot more like a “stalker.”

What do you think of the new Facebook Update?  Is it just me or is this pretty messed up?

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1 Comment

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