Facebook Is Down! Service Outage Frustrates Users

Facebook is down!For many, Facebook is currently down and has been down all day.  Here in Washington DC it is still down for me.  Today Facebook has experienced one of the largest outages since it’s outage last month, August 31st.  Facebook recently made a response to the outage on their Twitter page but that hasn’t stopped the complaints!


Update: It is back up here in DC as of 9:00pm EDT

Moments ago Facebook updated their Twitter page letting users know that they’ve “fixed the issue”,  but so far I’ve still been unable to login.

Facebook outage twitter message

Unlike Twitter, when Facebook breaks it doesn’t even show a fail whale, it’s just down!

facebook down, 9/23/2010 3:00pm est

As usual Twitter is being bombarded by related comments complaining about the outage.

Facebook twitter spam outage

Is Facebook working for you?  Drop a reply below with your location and whether or not you can access Facebook.



  1. ottokatz

    meriden, ct, facebook still down, 3.13pm est

  2. SydeWheyz

    Out for me – 3:16pm, NYC

  3. Romdt

    Facebook is down and out for me here in Dallas.

  4. DeeDee

    Facebook is still down here in Texas

  5. MrGroove

    Seattle 1:56pm – Facebook fan page is up but still cannot login. Funny how Twitter is becoming the “News Alert” for sites. 1 consolidated way to alert you customers about system / website outages.

    • MrGroove

      I take that back… 2:04pm Pacific time (5p Eastern) looks like Facebook is back up.

  6. grooveDexter

    It’s been coming up and down all day for me. Was able to log in, 10 minutes later I get a DNS error. Now I still can’t log in.

  7. Someone

    works in Canada 3:20 MST

  8. DW96

    Live and kicking here in Bulgaria! No problems at all.

  9. Chook

    all good here in Australia :)


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