How To Post Facebook Updates to Twitter Automatically

If you want to post the same updates on Facebook and Twitter, know that you don’t have to access both services individually. Here’s how to add to both.

If you’re promoting posts on your blog to fans of your Facebook page, it can be annoying to have to open Twitter just to post the same content again. Here’s how to send your Facebook posts automatically to Twitter and save time in the process.

We’ve covered other services and apps that will get the same posts around on social networks like Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. But this method is built into Facebook, and all you need to do is enable it.

Facebook Posts to Twitter

This is not limited to Facebook pages. You can also link your personal Facebook page to your Twitter account. Also, make sure you’re logged in to your Twitter account for this to work.

Start by going to this link and you’ll arrive at the following page. If you want to link your personal account to Twitter, click the green “Link my Profile to Twitter” button. Or choose the “Link a page to Twitter” option.

Facebook to Twitter main

You’ll get a list including your profile and the pages you’re currently managing. Click the Link to the Twitter button next to each one you want to link up.

Facebook to Twitter list

Then Authorize the app.

Facebook to Twitter authorize

You will then be returned to Facebook and the page will notify you that your page has been successfully linked.

Facebook to Twitter linked

One more thing that needs to be done now. Scroll down until you find the page you linked and select the updates you want to be posted to Twitter. For instance, maybe you want to post status updates and photos, but not events.

Facebook to Twitter what to post

That’s all there is to it! Now any time you post on Facebook, the content you’ve chosen will automatically be posted on Twitter too.

If you like to get the same messages out on both popular social networks, then definitely give this a try and let us know what you think about it.



  1. Dear Bogdan,

    Thanks for your help linking my Facebook Posts to my twitter Tweets. I did a post on facebook last night with a couple of pictures and although the post is shown as a tweet on Twitter, the pictures have not carried over. How do I fix this?

  2. 3rd July 2019. I have a business page within my Facebook pages. I have followed your suggestion and I can see that my business is linked to Twitter. But when I post on my business page, sadly the post does not arrive on Twitter. Any suggestions?

  3. Peter  

    This has worked for many years for me but since middle of May my Facebook posts are not shared on Twitter anymore, on 3 accounts.

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