Facebook Tip: Find Out if a Post Was Edited and View the History

Facebook is constantly redesigning its interface, and the ‘Edited’ tag has been hidden. Here’s how to find it and see the edit history of the post.

As Facebook turns 12, it’s growth continues to boom with more than 1.79 Billion active monthly users. For whatever reason, over the past few years, I’ve noticed that as the service has grown, more and more users are using the services as their personal soapbox, going off on rants on any number of subjects (sports, politics, society). In other words; a lot of arguing and trolling.

Sometimes people will edit their posts if they said something embarrassing or untrue. Previously you would know if a post was edited by looking for the ‘Edited’ label next to the post’s date. However, since Facebook is constantly redesigning its interface, the ‘Edited’ tag has been hidden. Here’s how to find it and see the edit history of the post.

Was that Facebook Post Edited?

First, click or tap the drop-down menu located at the upper-left corner and select View edit history.

That’s all there is to it! If a post has been edited, a new window will pop up with the edit history for you to check out (or take a screenshot of to prove your friend right or wrong). Keep in mind that your edits are visible to anyone who can view your posts.

So, if you want to go on an angry rant, it’s best to take a few minutes and calm down first.


It’s also worth mentioning that this works on both mobile and desktop versions (including the Windows 10 app) of Facebook. However, depending on the platform, menus will vary. For example, in the shot below I need to hit the More option to get to the edit history menu.

Facebook iPad

For more on security and privacy check out our guide on How to keep your Facebook experience positive and safe.

Have you used this feature or had it used on you from one of your friends? Leave a comment below and tell us about it.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Anne Barnett

    January 23, 2017 at 2:21 am

    So whats wrong with editing. I have very long nails and very often hit the wrong keys !!!

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