How To Enable Two Factor Auth on DreamHost Hosting Accounts

Dreamhost recently added two factor authentication to its online management panel. Here’s how to enable it for your account.

If you host a website over at like we do here at groovyPost, I’ve got some great news. DreamHost just announced they have significantly increased the security of its systems by allowing you to enable two factor authentication when accessing its online management panel. DreamHost is calling it Multifactor Authentication and it’s based on Google’s 2-step verification platform, a two factor authentication system we’ve been talking a lot about these past few months.

I just finished adding two factor authentication to my account at DreamHost and I took some screenshots along the way. Enjoy!

How to enable two factor authentication on your DreamHost account

Login to Dreamhost and Expand the Billing & Account Menu.

Enable two factor authentication Dreamhost

Click Security.

Enable two factor authentication Dreamhost

Under the Multifactor Authentication section, enter your Dreamhost password and click Get Started as shown below in my screenshot.

Enable two factor authentication Dreamhost

Now launch your Google Authenticator App on your mobile device and click the + sign to add a new account. Click the Scan Barcode button in the app and point it at the Dreamhost window to add this account to your mobile.

Enable two factor authentication Dreamhost

The Google Authenticator App should add it fairly quickly and present you with a code for this Dreamhost account. Enter the 6 digit number into the Dreamhost passcode box and click Activate!

Enable two factor authentication Dreamhost

Dreamhost settings will save and a Success! box will appear notifying you that your Dreamhost account is now protected with two factor authentication.

Enable two factor authentication Dreamhost

The next time you login to your account, Dreamhost will prompt you for your Username, Password AND your Multifactor Authentication Code from Google Authenticator. Before you enter it, you can hit the drop down as showed below to have Dreamhost trust the computer you’re running for 1 week or 1 month. If you clear your browser cookies however you will need to re-authenticate with your two factor auth code however.

Enable two factor authentication Dreamhost

Ahhhh… One more account locked down. Doesn’t that feel good!

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