How To Enable Twitter Two Step Verification (Updated)

Enabling Twitter Two Step Verification — aka two factor authentication is quick and simple and honestly, the most important thing you can do today. Ready?

Securing your Twitter account is probably the most important thing you can do today. Twitter accounts are a constant target for hacking groups and you can easily secure your account by spending a few moments to lock it down. Luckily for you, this groovyPost explains how to enable two-factor authentication or Login Verification (as Twitter refers to it) in a simple step-by-step manner. Let’s get started.

Enable Two-Step Verification on Twitter

Step 1. Login to your insecure Twitter account, Click Profile image  > Settings.

Enable Twitter Two Factor - Settings


Step 2. On the left, Click Security and Privacy. On the right, check the box Verify Login Requests.

Enable Login Verification Twitter

Step 3. Twitter will next ask you to confirm your Phone Number. Click Send Code.

Note: If you’ve not yet added a mobile device to your account, Click Mobile from the Settings menu to walk through the steps.

Twiiter Two Factor Confirm Phone

For me, Twitter is always fantastic about sending login verification codes. Once clicking the Send code button, it should arrive on your mobile instantly.

Step 4. Enter the six digits random code and click Submit.

Note: Before you ask, I blurred the text below using Snagit


If you didn’t fat-finger the code, Twitter will confirm you’ve been enrolled and you are good to go.

twitter-enrolled-two-step-verification completed

Optional Backup Code

As an option, if you click the Get backup code box, Twitter will give you a twelve digit code as a backup if you ever lose your mobile phone/device. Personally, I don’t think you need it but, feel free to write it down on a yellow sticky and put it under your keyboard… just kidding! Copy and Paste it in a secure password safe.

Let’s test it out!

At your next login, after entering your Username and Password, Twitter will send you an SMS text message to your mobile before allowing you to log in.


Doesn’t it feel good knowing your Twitter account is more secure than 99% of your friends and families accounts! Yeah, you’re right, you need to share this new feeling of euphoria. After all, you’re a giver! Send them a link to this groovyPost now before you forget!

You’re Not Done Yet!

Now that your Twitter account is secure, why not spend another 5 minutes defending a few of your other accounts like Gmail and Facebook. Here’s a link to our world famous groovyPost Two-Step-Verification Security guide.



  1. Richard

    It doesn’t work however if you have two twitter accounts, one personal and one business for example as a phone number can only be associated with one account. They need to add support for using an app like google authenticator or go down the Facebook route and build the code generator into their own app.

    • Vadim

      Yeah, I don’t see how this is going to work for business accounts… Doesn’t seem to be a way to add multiple mobile phones. They need to create or integrate with Google 2 Factor Auth App I think….

      Good point Richard

      • Steve Krause

        I’ll keep an eye on this. For now I agree. A bit hard from a sharing standpoint.

  2. Paul

    This is all fine and dandy information, but my phone number changed and I can log in but can not do the 2 step.can someone tell me if there is a code generator app to use.

    • Steve Krause

      So that…. is a tough one. My only suggestion if you’ve lost information to your phone is to contact support:

      Just so you know, the whole point of Two Factor Auth is keep people who have the username and password out of the account. So if you are claiming to be the real “Paul”… don’t be surprised if Twitter says “Too bad…”.

      Either way, plz let us know here what you find after contacting support.

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