How To Enable OK Google to Work from Anywhere in Android


Google has started rolling out the option to make OK Google available everywhere on your Android device. Here’s a look at what it does and how to enable it.

The “OK Google” command, which targets voice search, has previously been available only through the Google Search app. Well, you can now with a recent update, you can enable it to use from anywhere you’re at on the Android device.

While some people may say that their device listening to them all the time is creepy, others find being able to target a voice search from anywhere useful and convenient. If you find yourself in the second group, making the “OK Google” command available system-wide is an easy thing to do.

OK Google Everywhere

The search engine giant has started rolling out the option to make OK Google available everywhere on your Android device. If it has not, just go to the Google Search app, say “OK Google everywhere”; this should make the option available.

OK Google everywhere

Even if you haven’t done that, the option could already be available on your device. So let’s enable it. Tap the three dots button, at the bottom of the Search app screen.

OK Google everywhere dots

Them when the menu appears, tap Settings.

OK Google everywhere settings

In the Settings menu, tap Voice.

OK Google everywhere settings voice

On the next screen, make sure the box next to “From any screen” is checked. That means that, no matter where you’ll be in the Android mobile system, saying “OK Google” will fire up the voice command interface.

OK Google everywhere settings voice start

You will then be asked to say “OK Google” three times in order for the system to be able to recognize your voice correctly.

OK Google everywhere settings voice train

You will then return to the previous screen, but some additional options will be available. One thing you can do is to enable OK Google to work from the lock screen. I seriously wouldn’t advise this. With a bit of patience, someone can order your phone to do things (like call people) without needing the lock screen pattern or code. Of course, you can enable it if you want.

This is the same place where you can retrain your voice model if you find that things aren’t working quite as well as they should. You can also delete it altogether.

OK Google everywhere settings voice finished

That’s it! Now the command will work everywhere in Android. Give it a try and let us know what you think of this ability!

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