How To Set Up Kindle Fire Parental Controls

On Friday, customers started to get their hands on the new Kindle Fire HD tablets from Amazon. If you already own the first Kindle Fire, you might want to hand it down to your kids. But before you give them free rein, it’s a good idea to enable Parental Controls on it first.

From the main screen, tap Settings (gear icon), then More.

Settings More

On the next screen tap Parental Controls.

Parental controls

Next, you’re prompted to create a Parental Controls Password and tap Finish.

Create Parental Controls Password

Now you’ll have the full set of Parental controls on the Kindle Fire. You can block the Silk Browser, password protect purchases, and video playback. The controls are straightforward, and one to point out is Block or Unblock Content Types.

Parental Controls Options

There you can block or unblock music, video, apps, and more.

Content Types

The options in Parental Controls for the original Fire are essentially turning features On or Off and password-protecting certain features – there’s no in-between. Remember, your credit card is tied to Amazon via your Kindle Fire, so you want to make sure to enable all of its security features.

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