How to Enable Google+ For Google Apps Customers

Google has officially opened its social platform Google+ to Google Apps Accounts including Google Apps for business, educational and the free service. Here’s how to activate the service in the Google Apps administrator console.

Login to your Google Apps administrator account and visit the control panel. This can be done at:

In the Google Apps, control panel clicks the Organization & users tab and then click the Services sub-tab. About halfway down the list of services, you’ll find Google+.  You can also just put a + sign into the filter box to find it more quickly.

Note: If you’re an .EDU or non-profit Google Apps customer and the Google+ does not appear in the Services list, you need to apply for it here.

find google+ service in the google apps control panel

Once enabled, Google+ will display a security notice. The warning can also be found at the official Google Apps for administrators help resource if you don’t feel like reading it now. Click Turn Google+ on to continue.

turn on google+

Once enabled, click Save changes to enable the service.

save changes to google+ on google apps

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Hey man, just wanted to drop a quick thanks! I was confused as to where to find Google+, and Google kept directing me to the Marketplace.

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