How to Enable Favicons in Google Reader

Almost every internet user uses Google Reader to read their favorite blogs and websites. To make Google Reader visually appealing, its better to display favicons right next to websites. Here’s how you can enable favicons in Google Reader.

Google Reader is a great tool to keep track of your favorite sites and news using RSS feeds. To make Google Reader visually appealing, I’ve recently added favicons next to website names to make them stand out a bit and easier to identify quickly. Here’s how you can enable favicons in Google Reader.

How to enable favicons in Google Reader

Login to your Google Reader account, click the settings wheel icon and select Reader Settings.

Google Reader Favicon 1

Go to Preferences tab.

Google Reader Favicon 2

Under Misc section, check the box that says Show Favicons for Subscription.

Google Reader Favicon 3

There is another way you can enable favicons in Google Reader. Open Google Reader and click on the small arrow right next to subscriptions tab.

Google Reader Favicon 4

Open the dropdown menu and click on Use Favicons.

Google Reader Favicon 5

It will now show favicons of all the websites in your feeds — oh yeah, much better!

Google Reader Favicon 6



  1. Anoynmous

    These are kinda useful.

    • wilma pickett

      It is very good to have. And helps a Lot. Thank you

  2. ShockerSH

    Great tip. Nice find. Didn’t even think look for this. Very nice.

  3. Ashwani agarwa;

     i dont know bt they are enable by default in my google reader

    • Steve Krause

      I have an “old” Google Reader account I’ve had for years and it wasn’t enabled for me. Perhaps for only new accounts it’s enabled?

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