How To Enable Dark Theme on WhatsApp for Android

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A long-overdue feature being added to WhatsApp for Android is the addition of Dark Mode. Here’s how to use it.

WhatsApp now has a dark theme and a long overdue one at that, some would say. Here’s how to enable it.

Dark Theme for WhatsApp

A dark theme helps you save battery energy, but also makes an app much easier on the eye, especially in the evenings. As WhatsApp is one of the most popular communication apps out there, any new feature is very welcome. Recently, the app has introduced the ability to control who can add you to groups, too.

A dark theme had been very long overdue, though, and it’s great to finally have it available. Of course, you will have to be on the latest version of the Android app in order to use it.

Enabling the dark theme really couldn’t be easier. In the main WhatsApp screen, tap the menu button (the three dots).

In the menu that shows up, tap Settings, as seen below.

whatsapp dark theme menu

A screen showing another range of options will be shown at this point. Tap Chats. This is also where you can select a background wallpaper for your WhatsApp chats.

whatsapp dark theme chats

Then, in the Display section, you will come across the Theme option. Tap it.

whatsapp dark theme display

We’re almost done. The last step is to choose whether you want to use a Light theme, a Dark theme. or System default. You’ve probably reached this point because what you want is to use the new Dark Theme.

However, you might already know that Android 10 has a system-wide dark theme option. This option will automatically change the theme to a dark when there is one available. This is exactly what System default means, in this case.

Therefore, it might be easier to go for this option, if you like to alternate between a light and a dark “atmosphere” on your smartphone, depending on the mood, time of day or other circumstances.

Doing so will allow you to change them all at once, in a much quicker fashion.

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