How to Enable Dark Mode on Facebook and Messenger Android Apps

Dark mode continues to be the trend for all apps and here we’ll show you how to enable it on Facebook and Messenger apps on Android.

Facebook Dark Mode is looking more and more like an essential feature on Android. Especially with the amount of time users spend browsing Facebook on their smartphones. However, enabling dark mode on the Android app is not difficult. Here’s how to do it.

A lot of smartphone apps have recently started offering dark modes. These modes offer a lot of advantages to the user. Not to mention how good they make the device look, especially if it’s a dark-colored one.

Facebook Dark Mode? Why?

The social media giant has started offering a Dark Mode on its desktop website version, not too long ago. At the time, many were wondering how long it would take for the mobile app to follow suit. Not too long, it would seem, as the feature is now available for both the Facebook and Facebook Messenger apps.

It only made sense. Lately, quite a few of the most popular Android apps have received a dark mode. The likes of WhatsApp, eBay, and even the Google Play Store are on that list. Android even allows you to schedule dark theme usage (if you only want to use it at night, for example).

A dark mode or “theme” comes with multiple advantages. These include the obvious “easier on the eyes” and “great-looking” factors. However, it can also help save power on OLED and AMOLED displays.

Since Facebook and Facebook Messenger are some of the most-used apps on a smartphone, it only makes sense to enable the feature. Your eyes will be thankful, especially at night.

Just make sure you are on the latest version of the apps before you follow the steps below.

Enable Dark Mode on the Facebook Android App

Launch the app on your phone and click the “hamburger” menu button at the top right side of the app.

Facebook Dark Mode Android menu

Next, scroll down until you come across Settings & Privacy. In there, you will find Dark Mode.

Facebook Dark Mode Android Settings Privacy Dark Mode

Now you will be able to turn Dark Mode on or off, and also Use system settings. The latter refers to what I was mentioning above regarding the system–wide dark mode feature.

Facebook Dark Mode Android Settings Privacy Dark Mode on off

That’s it! You’ve now enabled Facebook Dark Mode on the Android app.

Facebook Messenger Dark Mode

If you thought that was easy, wait until you enable Facebook Messenger Dark Mode on the respective Android app. Believe it or not, it’s even easier.

Open the Facebook Messenger Android app and tap your profile picture at the top left side of the screen.

Facebook Messenger Dark Mode Android menu

This will open a list of options. However, you don’t need to go into any other menu from here. Just find the Dark Mode switch and tap. Just like magic, the interface will turn dark.

Facebook Messenger Dark Mode Android Switch

That’s it! You now have Dark Mode enabled for both the Facebook Messenger and Facebook Android apps.

Personally, I like the implementation of the Dark Mode better on the Facebook Messenger app, but that’s just a question of preference. Unfortunately, using the system-wide dark theme with Messenger was not an option at the time this article was written. Who knows what the future brings, though?

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