Email Time Saver: Easily Move Messages to Your Calendar


Here’s a look at saving time by sending email messages about appointments to the calendar in Outlook or your favorite desktop email client.

During the day, you might receive hundreds of emails about meetings and appointments. Sometimes it can seem quite overwhelming. Here’s a look at saving time by sending email messages about appointments to the calendar in your desktop email client.

Outlook Email

Microsoft Outlook has a cool feature that allows you to drag emails to the Calendar and create an appointment or reminder. If you get an email with the details about an important event, you’ll want to add that to your calendar. Instead of launching the calendar separately and filling in the details, you can drag that mail into the Calendar icon.

Drag Message

Another way to move a message to your calendar is to right-click the message and select Move > Calendar.


You can then add any reminders or other options, and when you open the calendar, you’ll see your item listed.

Calendar Month View

Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail was part of the Windows Live Essentials suite of desktop apps available as a separate download when Windows 7 launched. You can add meetings to the calendar easily enough in it as well. If you have the message open, you can click the Add to Calendar icon from the toolbar. Or you can also right-click on a message and select to move it to the calendar.

Add to Calendar email

No matter what desktop email client or operating system you’re using – like Thunderbird with Lightning, for example, keep this simple tip in mind as it makes organizing your email and appointments a lot easier.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Mike

    I am using Microsoft Office Outlook 2013, but the calendar option does not appear in the pull-down menu when I right click. If I drag the message to the Calendar folder, all Outlook does is open a forwarding email. Any ideas?

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