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Windows 8 Metro: How To Add Email Accounts

One of the cool features of Windows 8 Metro is it lets you preview email in the Live Mail tile when you log in using your Windows Account ID. By default it pulls your Windows Live mail you log in with, but if you have multiple accounts, here’s how to add them – even Gmail.

From the Metro Start screen, you’ll see how many messages are waiting and also a bit of a preview of the message body.

Metro Email Tile

To add a new account to Mail in Windows 8, click on the Mail tab from the Metro Start screen. Then hover the mouse in the lower left corner to bring up the Charms Bar. Click Settings

Settings Charms Bar

Then at the top select Accounts.

Note: A much easier way to pull this menu up is hit the keyboard shortcut Win Key + I while in the Mail app. It pulls up Settings with Accounts already selected.

Add Acccount

Next, a list of email accounts currently set up on your system comes up. Click on Add an Account.

Add an Account

Now click on the type of email account you want to add. You can add Windows Live, Gmail and Exchange – including Office 360 accounts. Here I am adding a Gmail account.

Account types

Type in the email address and password for the account. Click Connect.

Add Google Account

Give Mail a minute to log in and gather the mail currently in the Inbox. Now on the upper left corner of the screen you’ll see the new email account and number of messages.

Google Account Added

When you add an email address, it adds your Contacts and Calendar entries associated with the account.

People Contacts

Calendar added

This article was written using Windows 8 Release Preview. Currently, there is missing functionality to the Mail app that would be welcome in the final release. But, if you wan to keep up on your email while working in Windows 8, you’ll be able to.

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One Response to Windows 8 Metro: How To Add Email Accounts

  1. Jean Maurice Melchiade Prosper July 12, 2012 at 12:24 am #

    Well, two things does not seem to be working or maybe not designed for those :
    1)Corporat Exchange Server accounts
    2) Custom email accounts (ISP or others)
    anyways to edit those setings ?

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