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Since Microsoft launched the preview, I keep finding new cool features it provides. Here’s a look at the groovy new way to view and edit attached documents online from your Inbox.

First, log in to – if you have an old @hotmail or @live email address, you’ll see the new revamped interface.

Look of new outlook com

Now, open a message that contains an attached document. Then click the doc icon at the bottom to view it online. If you click anywhere else on the icon, it will prompt you to download it. Here’s an example of an Excel spreadsheet.

Excel Attachment

And here’s an attached Word doc. Notice the groovy new icons that look like Office 2013.

View Online

The document will open in Office Web apps. Here you can read the document, download it or edit in the browser.

Edit in Browser

Alternately, click on File and you have more options for the document. Here I’m going to Edit it in Word Web Apps from IE 9.

File Edit Menu

The document opens up via SkyDrive and you can begin using Office Web Apps to make changes to it. Using Microsoft Office Web Apps used to be a rather convoluted process. Now, since everything Microsoft is getting revamped, it works really slick. Office Web Apps don’t give you complete editing capabilities, but it’s perfect for making general adjustments.

Start Editing in Browser

For instance, here I’m inserting ClipArt into the Word document.

Insert Clip Art

Search for the type of ClipArt you want, select the thumbnail and click Insert.

Search ClipArt and Add

Viola…ClipArt easily added to your document online straight from your browser. No need to download it and open it in Word. The Office Web Apps are useful if you or the person you’re sharing the document with don’t have MS Office installed.

ClipArt Inserted

Another groovy feature in your Inbox is Quick Views. It lets you pull up only emails that contain a document or photos. This helps organize and manage messages with attachments more easily.

Quick View

After making changes to the documents, they’ll be saved in your SkyDrive. Microsoft is really going for an all cloud computing solution with Windows 8, SkyDrive, and Office 2013. Sometimes it acts a bit buggy – pages load slow or not at all. But that’s to be expected since is still in the Preview stage.

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