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How To Create a Tree Structure for Dropbox in Firefox or Chrome

If you use Dropbox through its website, the file navigation system may be a little slow, cumbersome and overall annoying… Here’s how to add a tree structure to it using either Google Chrome or Firefox.


In Mozilla Firefox, you’ll first need to install the Greasemonkey extension in order for this to work. You can install it from here (a restart of the browser will be required afterwards).

Dropbox tree structure Firefox

Now, install the Dropbox Plus script for Greasemonkey by pressing the Install button on the top right side of the script’s website and then confirming the installation.

Dropbox tree structure Firefox install script

Now, log in to Dropbox or refresh the page if you’re already logged in. You’ll notice that you have a tree structure navigation system on the left side, making things much simpler now. Ahh… yeah, that’s better.

Dropbox tree structure Firefox working

Google Chrome

The extension for Google Chrome is even easier than Firefox. Start by installing Tampermonkey which you can find in the Chrome Web Store.

Dropbox tree structure Chrome Tampermonkey

Once installed, head to the script’s website and click that same Install button. Installation will need to be confirmed here, too.

Dropbox tree structure Chrome install script

There you go! Full tree navigation of your Dropbox folder in Chrome.

Dropbox tree structure Chrome working

Do you have a dropbox tip? Drop us a comment about it and we will write it up!

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