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Export Files in Dropbox for Android Straight to SD Card

Dropbox for Android is a useful app in a lot of situations, but saving files from it to your phone, for later use, can take a serious toll on your device’s memory. Not anymore, because you can now export files directly to your SD card, straight from the Dropbox app. Here’s how to do it.

Export Dropbox for Android Files to SD

It’s a pretty simple process really; all it takes is the latest version of Dropbox for Android.

Start by browsing your Dropbox in the Android app and finding the file you want to export to your SD card. Folders can’t be exported yet, but I’m sure the feature will be added sometime in the near future.

When you’ve found the file, tap the action button next to it.

Dropbox export to SD

Next, tap More in the menu that appears.

Dropbox export to SD more

Now tap Export.

Dropbox export to SD export

And now tap your SD card, pick the location where you’ll want the file saved and tap Save.

Dropbox export to SD export location

There is a possibility that your device doesn’t show your SD card. Fear not, though, a solution exists for this, too.

If that is the case, tap the menu button of your device when reaching the screen shown in the above screenshot. Then tap Settings.

Now, make sure Show advanced devices is ticked. Everything should now be shown normally.

Dropbox export to SD show

The new feature is sure to help users having a small amount of internal memory on their phone, as they can save files on their SD card.

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  1. Tony May 3, 2015 at 6:42 pm #

    Thanks! The settings trick did it.

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