How to Download Any Soundcloud Track for Free

So you want to download your favorite soundcloud tracks so you can put them on your iPod and have them on the go?  Well, the easiest method is with a PC and a snazzy downloading program.

A while back we reviewed a Windows application called JDownloader. For this task it’s time to take it out of our batman-esque utility belt of apps and download otherwise un-attainable tracks. If you don’t have JDownloader installed, go get it.* 

*(be sure to grab it from – not the copycat company owns and has included spyware in their version of it)

Download any soundcloud track free of charge


To download a track from soundcloud, all you have to do is find the URL for the track’s unique page. The easiest way to find this is by right-clicking on the title of the track and then copying the link address.

copy soundcloud song url


Now open up JDownloader. If you setup Linkgrabber while installing JDownloader then the link will automatically be parsed and in your Linkgrabber tab. Click the Start arrow button to begin downloading.

Did the link now automatically show up in your Linkgrabber list? Add it manually using the Add URL button. If Jdownloader fails to find the associated MP3 file, try copying a different soundcloud link.

jdownloader linkgrabber


The soundcloud servers are smoking fast. For those of us on broadband our download will finish before we even switch over to view the Download tab in JDownloader. Once the download

jdownloader download tab


JDownloader will save the file to it’s default location, usually this is your %userprofile%/Downloads folder.  Open it up in Windows Media Player and enjoy.

soundcloud playing locally in windows media player



  1. Quintus  

    Is this legal?

  2. Jake  

    You just copy paste your link to and you have it!

  3. Dick  

    Go fuck yourself


    This Chrome Extension makes SoundCloud tracks download really simple. Just a click.

  5. Thomas J  

    Or you can just use No extra software is needed

  6. Waseem  

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    It has mass downloading support of up to 20 songs at a time, also it has soundcloud playlist downloading feature.


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