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Download Instagram Photos and Videos to Your Android Device

If you’re an Android user, sometimes you might want to download a photo or video you see on Instagram to your device. While that’s easy enough on your computer, doing it on a smartphone is usually a bit more complicated.

EasyDownloader is an app for Android that makes downloading Instagram content as easy as can be. It will also allow you to download videos and photos from Vine and Tumblr too.

That doesn’t mean you should use it to download other people’s images and use them without permission; that might get you in trouble. You can, however, download images you want to keep for later viewing.


Start by downloading the app from the Google Play Store, here. Nothing special is required for installing it – you just need to have Instagram installed on your device too.

Once installed, fire it up. You’ll get the menu shown below. Make sure Download mode is ticked and decide whether you want files saved in a single folder or not. You can also it boot the app together with Android but, if you’re not downloading images all the time, this may not be the best idea. When you’re ready to go, tap the Instagram camera icon at the upper right corner.

EasyDownloader main settings

Instagram launches and when you find an image to download, find the image you want to download and tap the dots icon at the lower right corner.

EasyDownloader three dots

Tap Copy Share URL.

EasyDownloader copy link

The image will be downloaded to your device. After you get the Download complete message in the notification area, just tap it to go to the file.

EasyDownloader pic down

The app works in a similar fashion for Vine. Just tap the three dots icon and, in the menu which comes up, tap Share to, then Download with Easy Downloader. The content will be downloaded.

Vine easydownloader

It’s essentially the same in Tumblr too, except you use the Share button instead.

Tumblr EasyDownloader

If you’ve seen cool pictures or videos on Instagram or the other supported services, and want to save them, EasyDownloader is a must have app.

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