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Bulk Download Instagram Photos with 4K Stogram

If you find pictures on Instagram and wish you could keep them to use as a wallpaper or something else, here’s a handy utility that will allow you to do just that. 4K Sogram is a free program that allows you to download images from Instagram in bulk.

Download Instagram Photos in Bulk

First of all, download 4K Stogram from here and install it. The installation is done like the one for any Windows software. However, during the install make sure not to install any additional software it might try to bundle if you don’t want it.

4k stogram installation

Once the software is installed, its easy to use. You just type the Instagram username of the person you want to follow and whose pictures you want to grab. There can be more than one.

4k stogram use

The app will download images and hovering your mouse cursor over the username will show you three buttons – the right side one allows you to unfollow the user, while on the left you have one that allows you to refresh the user’s feed.

4k stogram buttons

The second small button on the left will send you to a folder on your computer to your My Pictures folder. You’ll notice that images have all been downloaded there, for your convenience. Also, you’ll have separate image folders for each followed user. Also, clicking an image in the 4K Stogram (am I the only one that finds this name strange-sounding?) will open it in your default image viewer.

4k stogram folder

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