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Looking for new free Microsoft software? While it isn’t the true retail package, TechNet offers up evaluation software that can get you started.

Microsoft has a ton of new software it’s releasing in the coming months. Most IT administrators have either a TechNet or MSDN subscription that provides unlimited access to Microsoft software. But the subscriptions cost anywhere from $130 to a hefty $4,250 annually.

If you want to test out new Microsoft software for a limited duration, you don’t need to pay for an account. Several of the new software packages are available for free evaluation.

pricy msdn subscriptions

The TechNet Evaluation Center offers 90-day and pre-release beta testing of new Windows products. All it takes to sign up is a Microsoft account and the only catch is the 90-day lifespan attached with the evaluation key.

Microsoft TechNet Evaluation Center

I’m currently using the 2013 Preview of Office ProPlus 365 and Visio Professional 2013. If it wasn’t for the evaluation center, I likely wouldn’t have tested out either of them.

Additional free downloads can also be found in the TechNet Downloads section.

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1 Comment

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