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Upload Web Files Directly to Dropbox from the Web

Did you ever need to save a file from the web, so you could use it on other devices? The process is made much simpler by this Google Chrome add-on, which will send files straight to your Dropbox folder, from the right-click menu. Here’s how.

First, install Download to Dropbox, from here.

download to dropbox

You will then be asked to sign in to your Dropbox account (If you aren’t already signed in), and then to Allow the extension to connect with your Dropbox (you can always remove it from the list of allowed apps).

download to dropbox allow

After that’s done, make sure you restart Google Chrome. You’ll notice that you now have a new option in your right-click menu, allowing you to save basically everything from the web pages you visit to your Dropbox. In the screenshot below, I’m using it to save a trailer. You just keep the mouse cursor on the link, right-click, then click Upload to Dropbox.

download to dropbox upload

That’s it! The file will be downloaded into your Dropbox. It’s not very fast, but it does work pretty well.

download to dropbox uploading

You’ll find the saved files under Apps/Downloads from Chrome in your Dropbox folder (the same one where free books you get from Project Gutenberg are saved).

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One Response to Upload Web Files Directly to Dropbox from the Web

  1. Claire Broadley May 20, 2013 at 10:26 am #

    A lovely idea, well-executed. Thanks for blogging about this. Installing it now!

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