How to Disable Video Autoplay in the App Store and Other Apps on iOS 11

Tired of videos automatically playing in apps on your iPhone? Learn how to disable video autoplay in the App Store and other iOS apps.

Several apps on your iPhone and iPad automatically play videos by default. You might find this helpful sometimes to see how an app works or what it looks like in the App Store, or if you were planning on watching videos related to the one you just watched in the YouTube app anyway.

But videos that automatically play can also be distracting and annoying. And cause your battery to drain faster and unplanned data and bandwidth usage.

The video autoplay feature in the App Store, and the ability to turn it off, is only available on iOS 11.

Disable Video Autoplay in the App Store

To turn off video autoplay in the App Store, tap Settings on your Home screen.

Tap Settings on the Home screen

On the Settings screen, tap iTunes & App Store.

Tap iTunes & App Store on the Settings screen

Tap Video Autoplay. You’ll notice that the setting is On by default.

Tap Video Autoplay

Tap Off to completely disable Video Autoplay.

If you still want to see videos play automatically in the App Store, but you don’t want the videos using up bandwidth and data, tap Wi-Fi Only.

Tap Off for Video Autoplay

A message on the Video Autoplay settings screen tells you that Autoplay temporarily turns off if you’re low on battery power or on a slow internet connection. But this doesn’t help save data and bandwidth usage. So you may still want to completely disable Video Autoplay.

If you decide you want to see videos automatically play in the App Store again, simply turn the setting back on.

Disable Video Autoplay in LinkedIn

To disable video autoplay in LinkedIn, open the app and tap your profile picture in the upper-left corner of the screen.

Tap profile picture in LinkedIn

Then, tap the gear icon in the upper-right corner.

Tap Settings (gear) icon in LinkedIn

On the Settings screen, tap Autoplay videos.

Tap Autoplay videos in LinkedIn

To completely disable video autoplay, tap Never Autoplay Videos. If you want to see videos automatically play, but don’t want to use up mobile data, select Wi-Fi Connections Only.

Tap Never Autoplay Videos in LinkedIn

Disable Video Autoplay in YouTube

The video autoplay feature on YouTube queues other related videos and automatically plays the next video when the one you’re watching ends. You can cancel the next video, but you only have a few seconds to do it before it starts playing.

If you find this feature annoying, it’s easy to disable.

Disabling video autoplay works the same as using YouTube in a browser on your computer. When you tap on a video in the app, you’ll see an Autoplay slider button to the right of Up next. Tap the slider button so it turns gray to disable it.

Disable Autoplay in YouTube app

Disable Video Autoplay and Limit Data Usage in Other Social Media Apps

We’ve previously covered how to disable video autoplay in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and limit data usage on YouTube by playing HD on Wi-Fi only.

Control When Videos Play

Disabling video autoplay allows you to control when videos play on your device. Having a video with sound play unexpectedly when in public can be embarrassing and sometimes troublesome.

The video autoplay feature pops up on your computer also. Learn how to disable video autoplay in the Microsoft Store and Google Chrome.



  1. Graham Frederick Pollard

    October 23, 2019 at 10:02 am

    Does not stop videos playing automatically in Daily Mail

  2. Please

    February 23, 2020 at 1:22 pm

    The ability to halt auto-play videos while in the Apple Store is of minimal concern. The ability to halt auto-play videos while in YouTube is of minimal concern.
    Learning how to prevent videos from auto-playing IN A WEBSITE is of paramount importance. Especially when silent advertisements with no ability to pause, when touching them launches a new window, when they are visually distracting and eating bandwidth.

    This article mentions nothing about stopping advertisement or news videos from automatically playing while browsing a regular webpage in iOS. The headline promised that. Perhaps an ad-blocking plug-in? An iOS feature? A mobile browser setting, anything? Thoughts? Please and thank you.

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