How To Disable Google Shared Endorsements


Google Shared Endorsements is a new monetization strategy by Google where it uses its data about its users to sell stuff. Here’s how to disable it.

Google Shared Endorsements are a method through which Google can use your name and profile picture to promote products to your friends. If this doesn’t sound groovy to you, here’s how to disable it.

Google Shared Endosements main

Shared Endorsements – First, The Details

Big data is a big business with big profits. What’s that? You thought Google was just a friendly search engine? With the exception of perhaps Facebook, no one knows more data about you and me than Google and one can only imagine all the brains at Google focused on monetizing in order to legitimize the ad. For example, when a friend browses the Google Play Music Store, he will see which albums you’ve hit +1 on.

The program also works using search results per one of its screenshots announcing Shared Endorsements. When Google shows an ad in search, it will show the picture of the friend recommending the product, place or whatever else. The same goes for Maps (and probably other services, too eventually).

Simple, elegant and free for Google who has all this data.

Google Shared Endorsements

Although most probably won’t care, here at groovyPost this type of thing just feels wrong…

How To Turn the Feature Off

There is a simple way to turn Shared Endorsements off. Login to your Google account and goto the Google’s Shared Endorsements page. Uncheck the box shown below and click Save.

Google Shared Endosements disable

All done!

Feel better? You should! Now share the love and help educate your friends and family, letting them know how to do the same if-so-desired.



  1. kaykrause

    Thank you for the tip, I followed instructions and unclicked the endorsement thing.??

    • Bogdan Bele

      You’re most welcome!

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