Make Office 2013 Save Docs to Your Computer by Default

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Microsoft Office 2013 saves files to your SkyDrive by default. But you might have them save to your computer’s local hard drive instead. Here’s how.

One of my favorite features in Office 2013 is it saves files to your SkyDrive by default. That allows you to access your docs from virtually anywhere and on any device. But you might not want your files to save to SkyDrive and rather they save to your local hard drive.

Note: Here I’m using Word 2013 and the steps are the same in Excel and PowerPoint too. Also, once you make the change in one program, it changes them all across the board.

Make Office 2013 Save to Computer By Default

Open Word and click the File tab, then Options.

Disable SkyDrive 1

From the sidebar, go to Save settings.

Under Save Documents section check “Save to My Computer by Default”. Then click OK.

Now when you save a new document, it’s set to save to your Computer and you just need to pic a directory. But you still have the option to save to SkyDrive if you need to.


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