How to Disable Geo-location in Firefox 4

Some websites have location-aware features that can help you find local shops, restaurants, deals, and directions.  Firefox 4 is capable of working with these websites, and it will always ask for permission before sharing your location.  However, Firefox continuously determines your location by sending information about nearby wireless access points and your IP address to Google.  If you’d rather this information not be sent to Google, it’s time to disable location awareness in your Firefox settings.

One thing to keep in mind about disabling geo-location in Firefox is that this doesn’t block websites from obtaining your IP-based location.  The short explanation is that whenever you visit a website, that site receives your IP (internet protocol) address upon making the connection.  Your IP address has some vague location information based on the servers that your Internet Service Provider connects you through.  Any website you visit uses this information to display a location-based ad, though these ads are usually inaccurate by several dozen miles (or more).

Disabling geolocation in Firefox will just prevent Firefox from needlessly sending your location to Google and other websites that request permission.

Step 1

In Firefox, Type about:config into the address bar.

When you see the “this might void your warranty” warning, just Click I’ll be careful, I promise!.

about:config menu in firefox 4

Step 2

In the Filter box, Type geo.enabled.

Right-Click the preference from the list and Select Toggle.  This should change the value from True to False.

Firefox geo.enabled toggled to false


Geoenabled should now be set to false and this means geo-location is disabled!  This will prevent Firefox from connecting to Google’s server to determine your location, and it will also prevent websites from requesting permission to access your location.




  1. grooveDexter

    April 5, 2011 at 9:03 am


    Unfortunately this doesn’t prevent websites (including Google) from accessing your location when you visit their site. When you directly visit a site it will gain your IP address and any location information that is attached to it. The only way around this is to use a

    to mask your IP address and make a website think you are someone else.

    The fix in this article simply prevents Firefox from constantly sending your location to Google and other websites when you aren’t even visiting Google.

    • MrVulcan

      January 1, 2012 at 4:03 am

      I followed the instructions only to see what will be the difference. I sometimes get e-mails stating a geographical location as if it’s mine, but they’re about 178 KM off.

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