Disable IE9 Tab Previews in the Taskbar

Internet Explorer 9 is set to show previews for all open tabs when the taskbar icon is hovered over. Plenty of people don’t like this feature, so here’s how to disable it.

Are you sick of seeing previews for all of your IE9 tabs whenever you hover over the taskbar icon? Unlike Firefox, IE9 enables multi-tab preview by default. Thankfully, Microsoft gave us an easy way to disable it.

ie9 multi tab previews

Open Internet Explorer and click the Settings icon at the top-right. From the drop-down menu select Internet Options.

ie9 internet options

Internet Options comes up. Click the General tab, then click the Settings button.
ie9 tabs settings

Uncheck Show previews for individual tabs in the taskbar. Click OK to save changes. Exit and restart Internet Explorer to apply the settings.

ie9 show previews for individual tabs

Presto! No more multi-tab previews. Instead, IE9 will only display a single preview for the tab you have open in IE9.

single tab preview internet explorer 9

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