Stop Facial Recognition on Facebook

You can’t disable facial recognition, but you can stop Facebook from using its database.

Recently we reported on Facebook acquiring for an estimated $60 million. If you have concern about Facebook privacy, here’s how to disable Facebook from using facial recognition technology.

It’s not just the recent purchase of that should concern privacy-conscious users. The service already uses’s facial technology. The facial technology tries to associate the uploaded photos to your face.

You can’t disable the feature, but you can stop Facebook from using its facial recognition database.

First, log into Facebook and go into Privacy Settings.

Privacy Settings

On the Privacy Settings page, next to Timeline and Tagging select Edit Settings.

Timeline and Taggings

The Timeline and Tagging window comes up. Select the bottom setting “Who Sees Suggestions when photos that Look Like You Are Uploaded?” Select No One from the dropdown

No One

Then click Okay.


Next, you will see the Timeline and Tagging window. Just click Done. Or, if you want to explore more of the settings Facebook conveniently Opts you into, this is a good place to be.


Of course, if you have no desire to deal with Facebook’s privacy settings at all, you can permanently delete your account.



  1. Brian  

    Yeah, I would definitely enable this. Even though, I imagine Facebook is thinking it will make connecting easier, but facial recognition seems creepy

    • Get used to it. It’s much easier to track the faces than the finger tips :)

  2. Autumn56  

    Are there any other social websites out there; besides MySpace, etc maybe less well known?
    I only signed up for FB to locate some long lost family and friends. I am not out to make new friends, etc I have all of my privacy settings as tight as they can be; but I can’t keep up with them!! Anyway I am sick of FB but have no other platform to stay in contact with my long lost family as we all live far apart. Any help would be appriciated!

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