How To Turn Off AMBER Alerts on an iPhone

AMBER alerts are used by the Government to find missing children. If you need to disable them temporarily on your iPhone, here’s how to do it.

A few weeks back, my phone began alerting me repeatedly with AMBER Alerts in order to help track down a missing teen. Being a parent of three, I really appreciate this use of crowd sourcing as it’s hard for me to imagine something scarier than a missing child.

That being said, as these alerts started coming in I was in the middle of a conference call and needed to disable them so I could focus on my meeting. Here’s how I turned them off on my iPhone and later turned the AMBER alerts back on.

Start by tapping Settings.


Tap Notifications.


Under Government Alerts, just toggle the AMBER alerts on or off.


Although some I’ve spoken with consider these AMBER alerts as a violation of personal privacy, I personally value them as a great tool that helps protect our children. So, if you disable them on your device, I hope it’s just temporary and you will turn them back on as appropriate.



  1. Sleep deprived

    It would be nice if we had the option to keep Amber Alerts as a silent notification or if it fell in the do not disturb category. I was about to fall asleep last night and the phone went off and scared me. I had never heard an Amber Alert on my iPhone before. Anyway, I’m glad I read this article today. I will be turning the alert off at night.

    • Steve Krause

      Thnx for the comment. One thing I did notice was the Alert is stored in your Alerts dropdown on iOS so you can see it at a later time (swipe down from top of iPhone screen). FYI


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