Restrict the Ability to Load Website Images in Chrome

Even on a fast Internet connection, a website with several images takes an annoyingly long time to load. If you don’t care about the pictures and just want the text, it’s easy to block them in Google Chrome.

There are some websites out there that have so many images, even on a fast connection, it can take a long time to load. And if you’re on a slow connection, just forget about it. Chrome has a feature that will prevent images from loading on sites that you designate, and it’s easy to set up.

Restrict the Ability to Load Website Images in Chrome

Open Google Chrome and click the Options icon (Wrench) at the top-right of the window. From the menu click Settings.

google chrome options settings

At the bottom of the settings page click Show Advanced Settings.

chrome advanced settings

Scroll down to Privacy and click Content Settings. A pop-up menu will appear, scroll down to Images and click Manage Exceptions.

chrome privacy > content settings > images > manage exceptions

Next is the image exceptions page. On this page, type in a web address, select whether to allow or block images and then press Enter to save it to the list. Continue entering websites until you’re satisfied. Once a site is added, Google applies the changes instantly. Click OK to close the menu.

chrome image exceptions list

Now each time you visit a website that is blocked a small notification will appear in the Chrome address bar. You can manage whether or not to block sites from here too.

continue blocking images in chrome

Here’s an example of a Facebook profile with the images blocked. The placeholders are still there so you know where they are, but you’re still able to read the text.

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