How to Disable Automatic Updates in Mozilla Firefox

A lot of people don’t like applications to download and install updates automatically. If you want to disable automatic updates in Firefox, and manually update it, here’s how.

I recently switched to Mozilla Firefox from Google Chrome. One thing I don’t like about Firefox is that it’s set to automatically install updates without asking first. It’s better to install the updates automatically, but if you want to do it manually instead, here’s how.

Open Firefox, click the Firefox button and go to Options.

Firefox Updates 1

Click on the Advanced tab.

Firefox Updates 2

Click the Update tab under Advanced settings.

Firefox Updates 3

Here’s a look at the default Advanced Update settings. Under Firefox Update section, select the box that says Check for Updates, but Let Me Choose Whether to Install Them. This will notify you if any update is available for Firefox and it will be up to you whether you want to download and install the update or not. Also uncheck Use a Background Service to Install Updates. Click OK.

Now Firefox won’t automatically install updates, and you’ll be able to install them manually if and when you want to.


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