How to Disable Auto Correction for an iPhone or iPad

Update: This article has been updated and can be found HERE.

The iOS auto-correction feature is great when typing email for work however if you’re like me and just want to shoot off a quick TXT or email using shorthand or slang, the auto-correction features can be quite annoying. This is especially true when using IM like Skype or eBuddy where I tend to use words like “sup” or  “K”. Recently I disabled it and figured it would be a groovy tip some of you might find useful. Here ya go!

Note: Although the screenshots below are taken from my iPad, the location of the feature is the same on an iPhone.

From the home screen, tap Settings.

iPad Autocorrection 1

Under General, tap Keyboard

iPad Autocorrection 2

Here you can Enable or Disable the Auto-Correction feature as well as several other features that might be interesting to ya.

iPad Autocorrection 3

Do you have a quick-tip for iPad and iPhone users?

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