Turn off Recent Google Search History on Android


On Android Google can give you suggestions based on your recent search history. This setting is on by default but can be disabled by following this guide.

Google’s history service is always trying to be helpful. It is almost always the case, whether it’s tracking your current location, keeping tabs on all of your internet searches, or scanning your emails and browsing habits to deliver relevant ads. For Android, Google recently added a new feature that shows you suggestions based on your recent search history. It can be helpful to some people that search for similar things every day. But, if you prefer to keep the search experience purely “organic” without any personalization, it will require turning off this new feature.


Note: Some data is tied directly to your Google account and can be disabled within the account settings. Other recent history searches are stored in your mobile browser. These are not directly attached to Google’s Recent Search History and must be cleared separately. Other searches are stored within individual apps, such as what you search for on Google Play.

To turn off Recent Search History on an Android device, we’ll have to go into System Settings. You can do this by pressing the menu button on the Home screen or launching the Settings app from the app drawer.

Once in the settings menu, tap the Google button under the Accounts subheading.

homescreen settings buttonaccounts > google

In the Google settings page, tap Search.

Now under Privacy & accounts, look for the “Show recent searches” setting and uncheck the box next to it.

google > privacey > searchshow recent searches

That’s all! You should no longer see recent Google searches on your Android device.

Please keep in mind that no matter how many settings you disable for your Google account & search history, Google still tracks it internally. However, according to the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), it does make a difference if you disable these features. With account search history disabled, Google will only keep your data on its internal servers for 18 months. With the feature enabled, it will keep your data forever.



  1. Timothy

    This did not help. I’m trying to make Google forget what I had searched in the past. Every time I type a certain letter, that same past search keeps coming up. How do I stop this from happening

    • Lily

      I need to know the same thing. The best i can suggest is to just manually clear it by long tapping the item when it pops up.

  2. Tim

    Don’t know if this will help anyone but I Setting-Google-Search-Personal-unchecked bookmarks and web history and this worked out.

  3. Bill

    Solved! The key is to log out of your Google Account and then make the changes. Here is the Link to follow:

  4. Sylvia Booth

    Sorry.. I’m trying to STOP my history from being deleted automatically….On my Android Phone. Can you please help me out?

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