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How to Delete YouTube Search History

If you use Youtube on regular basis, you should know that it saves your search history. However, if you are concerned about your privacy and don’t want others to find out what you searched on YouTube, its better to erase it. Here’s how you can do it.

First of all, login to your YouTube account.

Youtube history 1

Click on your username in top right corner and click on Video Manager.

Now, select Search History from left sidebar.

Youtube history 3

It displays all the keywords you searched for on YouTube. Just click on Clear All Search History button to erase all the keywords.

Youtube history 4

It will ask you for confirmation; just click Clear All Search History.

Youtube history 5

And you are done.

Youtube history 6

If you want to make sure that YouTube does not keep a record of your searches, click on Pause Search History button.

Youtube history 7

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